Efficiency, Simplicity and Security.


Efficiency, Simplicity and Security.

Honey, let's sell that dang thing!

So it’s time to monetize your edible headphones idea and begin selling online!  Whether it’s individual product sales, services or a subscription-based business, we make it easy for your customers to get what they need, quickly, and in a fully secure environment.


Product information and order buttons should be easy to find… options and quantities easy to modify… and checkout quick and painless across all platforms:  Desktop, mobile & hand-held.


Why is the hourglass still spinning?  Did my order go through?  These are questions you don’t want your customers asking!  Our eCommerce platforms are reliable and rock solid so you never have to worry about missed or faulty orders.



All of our hosted sites are shielded through Armor Defense, with all eCommerce engines being fully PCI Compliant.  This ensures that transactions are processed only on a secure network and all customer information is fully protected.

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