Necessity Creating Reality.


Necessity Creating Reality.

When play is built into the work environment, productivity is enhanced and the jar of creativity is unscrewed. If there’s any magic to innovation, it’s found in the ability to transform a concept into something concrete, and, once tangible – convey it in such a way that both intellectually and emotionally compels others to not just adopt it, but embrace it.  Innovation is the secret sauce to competitive positioning.

Taking our cues from working with innovation greats like Disney, San Diego Zoo Global, and Sony, ZBglobal has created and delivered face-to-face Deep Dive workshops and online Innovation Labs that teach a company’s workforce the how to’s of invention by actually having them do it.  ZBglobal has also created online Innovation Labs for a company’s senior staff to review, rate and rank ideas, next gen product concepts and suggested business processes from their workforce.

A Few Examples of Our Innovation Contributions:

A Few Examples of Our Innovation Contributions:

Shortened Life-Cycle Times in Drug Discoveries (Celgene)

Next Generation Assay Equipment Line (Beckman-Coulter)

Innovation Showcase (Edward’s Life Sciences)

Next Generation Product Lines (Callaway Golf)

Emerging Leader Best Practices (Scripps Hospital)

Project Management Office (Sony)

Organization Wide Best Practices (ITW Space Bag)

Multi Community of Practice Management Endeavors (Amylin Pharmaceuticals)

Custom Plug-Ins and Code Integration:

Custom Plug-Ins and Code Integration:

Automated Website Scraping:  Jobs, Events, etc.

Online Certificate PDF Creator:  Custom Layers, Real-Time Preview; Syncs with User for Dynamic Content

Photo Viewer:  Camera Sequencing, On-Screen Meta Data with Composition, Photographer and Location Info

Email-All WordPress Plug-In

API / Web Services

Community Member Matching Mechanism

LMS Coaching Progress and Grouping Dashboard

LMS Course Grouping Mechanism

Custom Assessments:  Note Tracking, Action Prioritization, Feedback Interpretation

Custom Benchmarking Algorhythms

Automated Workflow for Onboarding, Offboarding and Recurring Processes