Member Communities / LMS

Private, Interactive and Secure.

Private Member Communities

Member Communities

Our Private Member Communities offer a completely secure environment and a wealth of engagement for your Employees, Students or Group Members, including:

  • Latest News and Events
  • Member Directories
  • Member Matching / Searches
  • eLearning Courses / Certificates
  • Featured Articles
  • Career Opportunities
  • Discussion Forums
  • Private Messaging
  • Private Groups

For Businesses

A Private Member Community gives you an instant pulse on the continuity of your company, as well as a platform for employees to collaborate and grow professionally. Corporate communication, learning resources, surveys, directories and featured topics can shape a smarter workplace.


For Schools

Today’s students require information that can’t always be found in the classroom. Our Student platform connects learners with tools, including industry snapshots, career options, online learning, and more. Visit to see the possibilities.

For Interest Groups

Whether your group recycles paper or convenes to better the lives of others, a Member Community is the direct link between you and those you want to engage with. Collect subscription dues, send private or group messages, schedule events or post images and comments in forums.

Learning Management Systems

More than half of today’s working adults say it is essential they receive training and development to stay current in their jobs. Develop, retain and motivate your workers to achieve business goals through a state-of-the-art Learning Management System.

  • Your Brand. Your Look and Feel.
  • Easy to Use (and Access) Navigation
  • Visual Media Capacity for Optimum Engagement
  • 3-7 Minute Lesson Format with Remember Me Functionality
  • Use Our Videographers and Instructional Designers
  • Include Downloadable Resources
  • Select ZBglobal Courses or Request Course Design
  • Access Existing or Request Tailored Skill-building Assessments
  • Track Progress


Commitment. Motivation. Data.

Proven Analysis = Trusted Results

A variety of thinking is required in today’s workplaces if people are to experience any kind of innovation. Respecting, recognizing and rewarding these differences can create an environment where the best and brightest possibilities inspire the organization’s future. Members of our team include behavioral scientists who conduct rigorous study to compile assessments that are statistically reliable. Results have been reproduced again and again paving the way for our clients to trust the statistical analysis conducted and the results obtained.

People Style Profile

People Style Profile

The People Style Profile™ is a quick and easy assessment for individuals to identify their communication and personality style as it compares to others. Report findings yield style strengths that can be leveraged more effectively as well as contain insights on how to address potential pitfalls.

Workplace Style Profile

Workplace Style Profile

Job seekers can quickly identify what suits their style when it comes to company culture, workplace environment, performance goals, organizational structure and values. Being in tune with your preferred Workplace Style can put you ahead of the curve when looking to land the career you want.

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My Action Plan for Development

This self-guided assessment is based on you rating yourself in key areas – skills which are typically expected in today’s fast-paced workplace.

More than 15 skill sets are arranged under three basic categories: Managing Projects & Processes, Leading People & Influencing the Workplace. Each skill is assessed by answering a series of questions.

Features also include:

  • Auto-generated “bandwidths” of skill measurement
  • Prioritization of targeted actions can be adjusted in real-time
  • Report features allows you to share your findings and associated development actions with your manager or mentor
  • A downloadable version of the “Encyclopedia of Skills” and a workbook tied to My Action Plan

Workforce Engagement

The formula for effective connection is a result of how well your company is making the Business Case and Emotional Argument to your workforce. ZBglobal’s survey has been proven across thousands of raters and the companies they represent. Correlated with the Gallup 12 Engagement questions, this Engagement survey gives you concrete data for your organization to identify what, if any, course correction is needed.

  • Online
  • Anonymous
  • Easy to Access
  • Requires just Minutes to Take

Survey includes:

  • 4-Color Graphical Feedback Report with Interpretation Guidelines
  • 25 Rating Questions in 5 Distinct Categories
  • Open–ended Questions to Capture Individual Views
  • The “So What” of the Findings
  • One-on-One Discussion with Subject Matter Expert to Explore Findings and Potential Application

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